Civil Litigation

● Negligence including professional negligence
● Breach of contract
● Private and Business disputes
● Construction and planning law
● Building and neighbour disputes
● Judicial review

If you are a business, a private individual or a community organisation we can assist you. We have particular expertise in the following areas:

Accidents & Personal Injury

● please see Personal Injury section

Disputes arising from property

● Possession of residential and commercial property
● Repairing obligations, service charges and other terms of tenancy
● Compensation for breaches of landlord and tenant obligations
● Neighbour disputes including nuisance, trespass, negligence, party walls, rights of way, rights to light and other easements
● Town planning law – disputes regarding the grant and enforcement of town planning obligations
● Construction and building disputes
● Occupiers liability


● Recovery of losses arising from solicitors, surveyors and others due to professional errors
● Loss and injury caused by the negligence of others

Breach of Contract

● Unpaid loans and invoices
● Inadequate services
● Partnership and business disputes

Judicial Review

● Court challenges to decisions made by public bodies including planning and licensing law

Actions against the police

● Wrongful arrest
● Malicious prosecution
● Assault

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