Personal Injury Law

  • Have you suffered an injury that was someone else’s fault?
  • Have you suffered an accident at work?
  • Have you been involved in a Road Traffic Accident?
  • Have you had a cycling accident?
  • Have you been a victim of assault?
  • Have you been injured on a defective footpath, road or in someone else’s premises?
  • Has a faulty product or appliance injured you?
  • Do you want to bring an action against the Police for wrongful imprisonment or assault?
  • Are you a victim of crime and do you want to claim compensation for the injuries you suffered?

These are cases where our Personal Injury Team will be able to assist you to recover compensation.

We will be able to:

● Tell you if you have a claim
● Estimate the likely level of compensation for your injury
● Identify other losses and expenses you may recover
● Estimate how long your claim is likely to take, which depends on the severity of your injuries
● Advise you if an interim payment is possible
● Advise you about recovery and early payment of treatment/rehabilitation costs
● Obtain an appropriate expert opinion where necessary
● Negotiate with your opponent
● Pursue court proceedings where necessary

What will it cost?

Legal Aid from the Government is no longer available for most personal injury claims including criminal injury claims. It remains available for some breach of duty claims, such as child abuse in institutions.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Under any existing motor insurance or household insurance you may have legal expenses cover. Please bring any insurance policies to your first appointment so we can check if you have any suitable cover that might fund your case.

No Win, No Fee (Conditional Fee Agreement)

We may be able to act for you under a No Win, no Fee agreement. Click here for information on Conditional Fee Agreements.

Who to Contact

Paul Gilbert